Food Quality Sheeting

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Compounded from FDA approved materials

RefGradeHardness Shore ASGTensile Strength (MPa)Elongation at Break %ColourSpec Sheet
A38Blue Food Quality Nitrile65°1.408500BlueDownload
A42White Food Quality Nitrile60°1.406500WhiteDownload
C35White Food Quality Neoprene60°1.5010600WhiteDownload
E81White Food Quality EPDM60°1.46500WhiteDownload
N0165 Shore White Food Quality NR60°1.553.5300WhiteDownload
N0350 Shore White Food Quality NR50°1.553.5300WhiteDownload
S88Red Food Quality Silicone60°1.257.9340RedDownload
S89White Food Quality Silicone60°1.257.9340WhiteDownload
S92Blue Food Quality Silicone60°1.257.9340BlueDownload

EU 1935/2004 Food Grades

RefGradeHardness Shore ASGTensile Strength (MPa)Elongation at Break %ColourSpec Sheet
A618NR-SBR 45° White Food Quality45°1.2812550WhiteDownload
A621NR-SBR 65° White Food Quality65°1.438380WhiteDownload
P627NBR-SBR 60° White Food Quality60°1.3211500WhiteDownload
A51NBR White Food Quality65°1.4410400WhiteDownload
Please note: Care should be taken in selecting the most suitable quality for each application. Advice is available but final responsibility remains with the customer. If you don’t see a product suitable for your requirements above please contact our sales office, as alternatives may be available.