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Natural / SBR Rubber

Has excellent physical properties including abrasion resistance, good tensile strength, low compression set and high tear properties. Resistance also to some organic solvents and many organic salts and acids. These are good general properties, which will vary between grades.

Temperature range -50° + 85°C.

RefGradeHardness Shore ASGTensile Strength (MPa)Elongation at Break %ColourSpec Sheet
A560Shot Blast Para40°1.0618600TanDownload
A590Abrasion Resistant60°1.1515400BlackDownload
BlackStar with EPNR-SBR With EP Overlay60°1.1515400BlackDownload
BlackStarNR-SBR High Grade Abrasion60°1.1515400BlackDownload
BV3NR-SBR 5O Shore High Grade Abrasion50°1.266.5350BlackDownload
N01Compounded from FDA Approved Materials60°1.553.5300WhiteDownload
N02/ECONCommercial Natural Economy70°1.52.5200BlackDownload
N02Commercial Natural70°1.53250BlackDownload
N03Compounded from FDA Approved Materials50°1.553.5300WhiteDownload
N04Black Shot Blast60°1.214500BlackDownload
N05Economy Tan Shot Blast45°1.210400TanDownload
N06Tan Shot Blast45°1.0516600TanDownload
N33Red High Grade Abrasion45°1.0516600RedDownload
N43Pink High Grade Abrasion38°0.9820780PinkDownload
N63Abrasion Resistant50°1.214500BlackDownload
N65Soft Black Commercial50°1.44300BlackDownload
N66/ECONCommercial Natural Insertion Economy65°1.52.5200BlackDownload
N66Commercial Insertion65°1.53.5300BlackDownload
Please note: Care should be taken in selecting the most suitable quality for each application. Advice is available but final responsibility remains with the customer. If you don’t see a product suitable for your requirements above please contact our sales office, as alternatives may be available.